picture of Kourse ConsultanTP interface

Kourse ConsultanTP

picture of Kourse ConsultanTP interface

Used OpenAI’s DaVinci API to create a chatbot that would answer questions and give pros/cons about specific courses based on previous reviews. Won W23 KTP Hackathon!

Skills: API Integration, Python, Regex

picture of the Rush App interface

KTP Rush App

picture of the Rush App interface

Designed and coded a Flutter app with peers from KTP that is currently used throughout the student org by hundreds of rushees and brothers to help streamline the rush process.

Skills: UX Research, Flutter, UX Design

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my KTP lineage

VP of Membership @ Kappa Theta Pi Professional Technology Fraternity

the officers of CS KickStart 2022

Industry Officer @ Computer Science KickStart

the IAs of EECS 183

Instructional Aide @ EECS 183 (Elementary Programming Concepts)

me and my co-counselor at Camp Harlam

Camp Counselor @ Union for Reform Judaism (URJ) Camp Harlam


EECS 485

Web Systems

EECS 481

Software Engineering

SI 422

Needs Assessment and Usability Evaluation


Geology of National Parks